Heaven—our age?

The Bible is silent about the age that we will appear in heaven.  However, there are some hints concerning children. Jesus said "Let the children come to Me" and "you must be as these children in order to enter the kingdom of heaven.

One of the foremost experts on heaven is Randy Alcorn who wrote a book titled "Heaven" and others books and articles about heaven.  See his web site for more information (web site  www.epm.org  ).  He said "Heaven isn't a place of confusion, but clarity. We might remember bad things, but only with the right perspective that takes the dread and pain out of those things. They will surely remember parents, but will not be sorrowful, as heaven is a place of joy and delight.

We don't know if children remain same age in heaven, but even if they do there will be no lack of angels, people and God himself to watch after them. Plus, heaven is a place of complete safety, where there are no accidents and everyone can be trusted completely."  Also, please read 1 Thes 4:14-18. Further, J.C.Ryle in his book "Heaven" stated; "In the moment that we who are saved shall meet our friends in heaven, we shall at once know them and they shall at once know us."

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