Many questions could be asked about this subject. The first questions here may be “WHY are we here?", followed by the question “HOW” did our existence on earth begin? The answer is very simple: either we were created or we were not created.

And did the universe begin by chance or by purpose and design? If we were created, it logically follows that there is a creator. However, if we were not created, how did we come to be? By chance? Evolution?

There is no proof of evolution or creation but does the evidence show? How can we answer the questions that come up? Well, let’s talk about evolution for a moment. Let us first define a few words:

  • evolution: the change in the gene pool of a population from generation to generation by such processes as mutation or natural selection
  • mutation: a sudden departure from the parent type
  • natural selection: the process in nature whereby forms of life have traits that better enable them to adapt to specific environmental pressure
  • micro-evolution: changes involving the gradual accumulation of mutations leading to new varieties within a species
  • macro-evolution: major changes of species
  • self-generation : to create by a natural or chemical process without outside assistance.

Darwin ’s emphasis on “natural selection” can move a species only a limited distance from the species’ norm, and the greater the distance, the lower the probability for survival. For macro-evolution to occur by strictly natural processes, multiple favorable mutations must take place simultaneously at a rate sufficient to overcome the natural extinction rate. This leads to an insurmountable problem. The main problem of which is: What are the probabilities of all the favorable mutations coming together at the same time from different directions?

There are three main theories for the start of the universe by the evolutionary process.

1. The steady-state model: the galaxies moved farther away from each other, new galaxies were formed in between out of matter that was being continually made.

2. The oscillating model: The universe is like a spring, expanding and contracting, repeating the cycle indefinitely.

3. The big bang: all galaxies are moving apart from one another and ours at enormous speeds. This staggering implication states that at one time all matter was packed into a dense mass at trillions of degrees Celsius.

Hundreds of books have been written about Creation and evolution. However we should always start with the question, “What is the Evidence for each”?

As you study these subjects, consider these questions: Have intermediate fossils been found, and is the human cell irreducibly complex?

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