Just what is the Bible? The Bible is a compilation of 66 love letters (books) from God (our Lord Jesus Christ). These books were written by over 40 authors in a period of about 1600 years. These authors did not collaborate on the content of the books, yet, all of the books flow together as if written by one person. Well, that is what happened: the content of all of the books was inspired by the Holy Spirit.

For 2,000 years the Bible has been under attack by many groups including: The Council of World Religions, The Jesus Seminar, The Da Vince Code, The Jesus Letters and most if not all non-Christian religions. However, it has been said:

Men do not reject the Bible because it contradicts itself,

but because it contradicts them.

So it is that we come to our topic, “Is the Bible Reliable? Is it Inerrant?”

The regular “Scriptures Section” which is on this web site has much information that briefly explains the 12 subjects indicated below about the Bible. You, of course are encouraged to read the full text in the “Scripture Section” as well as the Bible itself. We at ProJesus are here to assist any-one who has a question on any subject.

These are the areas which are discussed concerning the Bible’s inerrancy:

1. Archeology

2. Translations without error.

3. The history.

4. Bible stories-hard to believe, duplicated in “modern” times.

5. The Dead Sea Scrolls.

6. Scientific discoveries covered by the Bible.

7. Number of manuscripts compared to other historical writings.

8. Internal and external principles in determining historical reliability.

9. Historical secular writers with the same story as the Bible

10. Apocrypha information.

11. Bible Prophecies that have been fulfilled, mostly by Jesus Christ.

12. What Bible Prophecies have not yet been fulfilled; what are the signs?

We should first ask ourselves: “What is the intent of the Bible as a whole”? The Bible is Jesus’ Love letter to each of us. The Bible will say something different to each of us. However, the foremost objective of Scriptures is to provide, for us, details for eternal life. Know for sure each and every one of us will live forever. The locations are heaven or hell. You can be assured of heaven. Read how! (See the sections on eternal life and salvation.)