“Bible Reading---How and Why to Read the Bible”

By Diane Provost


Would you invest 20 minutes a day to transform your health and physical appearance?

What about your spiritual well-being? Would you give 20 minutes a day to nurture your relationship with your heavenly Father and Creator? “Bodily exercise profits a little,” wrote Paul, “ but godliness is profitable for all things, having promise of the life that now is and of that which is to come.” (1 Timothy 4:8)

Just like a good exercise program, you may be tempted to quit right when you’re starting to see some results. For example, if you don’t feel like reading through Leviticus with its seemingly endless rules and regulations the Israelites were to follow, ask the Holy Spirit to give you the resolve to keep going. If you get behind in your reading (and most of us do!), it’s best to pick up on the current day’s reading. The point isn’t to say you’ve read through God’s Word—the goal is to become intimate friends with the Author of the Book, Jesus Christ who directed men through His Holy Spirit about what was to be written! (Note: A Bible Reading Program One Year Calendar” is available at www.Projesus.com.

Just 20 minutes a day. You can do it!


Profitable Bible study involves more than just opening to a chapter and reading what’s there. Here are eight guidelines to help you make the most of your study of the Bible.

  1. Set aside a regular time. Unless you schedule it, you’ll neglect it.
  2. Before you start reading, ask Jesus for help and understanding.
  3. Carefully think about what you are reading. Not all of the Bible’s treasures lie like pebbles on the surface. To mine the gold, you have to dig.
  4. Seek to understand what the author was saying to the first people who read the book or letter before you decide how to apply it today.
  5. Write down at least one truth or principle you can put into practice.
  6. Try different translations of the Bible. If you find yourself skimming over familiar words, a new translation may focus your mind on the passage in a new way.
  7. Don’t get discouraged. Some parts of the Bible are more interesting than others, and some you may not understand at all. But there’s enough that you can understand, and it will revolutionize your life if you apply it.
  8. If you have a question about a passage of Scripture you are reading, send an e-mail to answers@ProJesus.com

When you can, read the verses again with these principles in mind. Then try it again tomorrow. You will begin to discover the treasures in the Bible.—Haddon Robinson

When reading God’s Word, take special care

To find the rich treasures hidden there;

Give thought to each line, each precept clear,

Then practice it well with godly fear.—Anon.

The Bible’s treasures are found by those who dig for them.

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