1. Fossil record is an embarrassment

We now have over 250,000 fossil species with NO transitional links

2. Fossils in Darwin's day were scarce 

We now have over 250,000 fossil species with NO transitional links!

3. Found the Archaeopteryx-- said to link reptiles and birds.

Specimen in 1993 verified that it is a bird

4. Fossil evidence points away from Darwinism learned in High Schools.

"In the Beginning God Created..........."

5. Punctuated Equilibrium---Quantum leaps from one species to another. A theory of R. Goldschmidt 

Example--"The first bird hatched from a Reptilian egg." (There would have to be two eggs) IMPOSSIBLE!!


6. In 1922 a tooth was discovered which became "Nebraska Man" 

Later, an identical tooth was discovered attached to a skull which was attached to the skeleton of a pig. No Nebraska man

7. What is "Java Man"? A skullcap, a femur, three teeth were discovered discovered and much imagination. 

The Selenka Expedition by evolutionists that Java man played no part in human evolution.

8. "Piltdown Man", The jaw bone of an ape was changed to appear human.

In 1953, Piltdown Man was declared a fake.

9. "Peking Man" was based on a tooth. 

A few years later more teeth and skulls were found in the same area, they were monkey bones. What a farce!

10. By the way, Geoffrey Bourne and others believe that monkeys evolved from humans. Yes, you read that right.


11. The cosmos in all of it's complexity came about by chance.

Chance means that there is no GOD, no Creator.

12. The human eye came about by chance.

Darwin said, "To suppose that the eye could have been formed by 'Natural Selection' seems absurd in the highest degree"

13. In Darwin's day, a human egg was thought to be quite simple. 

In time the human egg divides into 30 trillion cells, including 12 trillion brain cells with 120 trillion connections.

14. Many people insist that evolution is factual.

Dr. James Coppedege determined that the probability of a single molecule being arranged by chance is 1 in 10 to the 161st power.


15. Evolution states "effects such as organized complexity and life are greater than their cause".

Modern Science has proven that no effect is ever greater or superior to it's cause.

16. Much of evolution is based on the "Big Bang" theory. 

The 1st law of Thermodynamics, the law of conservation, means: Neither mass nor energy can appear from nothing.

17. Evolution requires that every thing gets better in time. 

The 2nd law of Thermo States "Everything runs inexorably from order to disorder."


The once popular position of evolution: "Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny" means "In the course of an embryo's development, the embryo repeats the evolutionary history of its species. Thus at various points, an emerging human is a fish, a frog, and finally a fetus, this was theorized by Ernst Haeckel.

18. Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny is a fraud and fantasy.

The DNA for a fetus does not change. The DNA for a fetus is different than a frog or a fish.

19. Theistic evolution tries to blend creation with evolution. 

Theistic evolution is the cruelest, most inefficient system for creation imaginable.

Note: We have one other possibility. Gen 1:1 "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." The above data is from "Fatal Flaws" by Hank Hanegraaff (Christian Research Institute)

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