The people in the New Age movement may be the most difficult to evangelize, mostly because the movement is a set of beliefs, not an organization. The movement is like a smorgasbord for spirituality.

The whole New Age idea sounds good to many people today from all walks of life, however, it's beliefs are right from the" pit of hell". It allows the religious consumer to pick and choose from among a wide variety of groups, teachers, and practices.

A New Age person may be a Hindu, Buddhist, Wiccan (witch), or an astrologer, channeler, or parapsychologist, reincarnationists, among other beliefs. Holistic healing is also a practice of Newagers, however, many Christians are using herb medications, chiropractors and others.

The Newager may have a cause for the ecology, animal rights, U.F.O.'s, a woman's choice, gay marriage and others. What is important is that underneath all of these groups lies a unifying philosophy that binds the movement together.

The Christian can see the problem of presenting the Gospel to a society where the ideology is so different. To know something about all of the religions in the U. S. is a huge task. Now add to that, having a working knowledge of the numerous New Age philosophies and it seems to be impossible. Well, it is. But, Jesus said that He will do the work, and we are to follow Him. However, having said that, we should strive to become as knowledgeable as possible prior to discussing the Gospel with a neighbor, co-worker, etc.

It's difficult to say when the New Age movement started. Some say it started in "the garden" by the serpent; others say in 1850+/- before the Civil War due to the unrest and fear because of the war. There was a surge in the 1960's in the United States. This activity, labeled the "counter culture", opened up for a flood of gurus, yogis and swamis from within and outside the country. Their main emphasis was drugs and sexual freedom. One prominent leader at this time was Tim Leary. Shirley McLain was the leader in the 1980's.

Today in the United States there are tens of millions in various cults. Most reject absolute truth, 80% of these cults don't believe in the God of the Bible, 67% believe that all religions teach the same and 50% believe that Jesus made mistakes. The New Age movement is the fastest growing alternative belief system in the United States. It is as aggressive as a cancer.

The term New Age refers to the coming "Aquarian age", which starts with the year 2000. Newagers predict this Aquarian age will be a time of utopia. Many books, including "The Complete Guide to World Religions", will give detailed information of the organizations that form the New Age.

Our colleges and high schools are heavily impacted with liberal teachers and professors. They have a goal to teach our youth this New Age philosophy. These instructors are friendly and can quickly become special friends to the students. They may teach a wide variety of subjects, such as: anthropology, sociology, comparative religions, art, biology and others.

Many people we know are having trouble in their lives. This trouble may be with a spouse, children, work or any number of areas of concern. Quite often these friends are turning to groups that teach meditation, yoga, spiritual medium, channeling, using crystals, and self awareness. All of these classes and groups sound good on the surface, however, they lead the person further from Jesus.

Every year there are "world peace events" sponsored by a host of New Age groups held in different locations around the world. The New Age has come "Out of the Closet". The New Age world view is "All is one and all is god" and "All is one and one is all".

The New Age teaches that we can save ourselves and heal the planet. It is not a passing fad (as we would like); it attracts scores of people from all walks of life. Why? Because everything is "love". The Newagers believe that a massive "raising of consciousness" is needed and that the world must wake up and envision the "New World Order" with its world leader.

All Christians must know enough to separate themselves from the New Age practices listed above (See Deut 18:9-14). We are to be set apart from the New Age culture. Jesus said " holy as I am holy..". To flirt with the New Age occult is spiritual adultery.

How do we avoid the movement and still be able to present the Word of Jesus? We do so, in fellowship with another believer or if by necessity you are alone with a non-believing friend, first, be covered in prayer and with fellowship with the Holy Spirit. If you know in advance when you will be alone with a New Ager, tell some friends the time and have them praying for you. Resisting evil is not enough. We must march ahead to recapture territory held by Satan.

When Christians retreat from the world, they are easily overtaken by the world. If we don't confront the world, we shall be conformed to it. An example might be, a classroom situation where a child is given an assignment to propose a "new society with its own god". What do we do? What do we say to the teacher? We need to be sensitive to the audience---yet not so sensitive that the Gospel is altered to suit "modern" tastes.

When do we use apologetics and when do we use evangelism? Apologetics (the defense of the faith) is necessary when someone is hindered through some intellectual snag, from embracing Christ. Evangelism, simply means the proclamation of the Gospel as opposed to the defense of the saving truth of Jesus Christ.

A real and loving interest in a person's viewpoint will win more respect than a ready-made anti-New Age lecture. Find common ground with New Agers, but, not with compromise. Keep your vocabulary simple. Don't use "spiritual, born again, peace, God, etc.". These are terms used by New Agers that have completely different meanings. In presenting the logic of the Christian position, Christians should be careful not to oversimplify the message.

Here is a question about New Age practices. Do Ouija boards, Tarot cards, yoga classes work to answer questions? The answer is a frightening--Yes! Satan will use all things at his disposal to make people believe that they don't need Jesus. They can fix themselves.

The International Academy of Humanism has released Humanist Manifesto 2000: A Call for a New Planetary Humanism, a blueprint for the next millennium which will "realize the noblest ends and ideas of humankind". This Manifesto has been signed by such humanist luminaries as Paul Kurtz, comedian Steve Allen, former U.S. Senator Alan Cranston and dozens of others.

Particularly disturbing are the limitations this international bill of rights would place on parents. The Manifesto calls for the radical International Convention on the Right of the Child. It states: "Although parental moral guidance is vital, parents should not simply impose their own religious outlook or moral values on their children or indoctrinate them".

This organization is being heard at the United Nations. Their views are being pushed toward a "New World Order". You have heard the expression: "You can't fight City Hall". O.K., try fighting the World!!

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