by Ed Anthony

I have noticed a strange thing that happened around the end of World War II. We need to take a long look at this to find out how we arrived at where we are now. While there was a jump in the birth rate and economic prosperity abounded, there was also a quite movement-taking place in the background. A movement so treacherous and cunning that most never noticed it. The ones who did and tried to warn people were laughed at and ridiculed until they lost all credibility. Thus began the last phase of the socialist take over of America.

While the parents were enjoying this period of prosperity, their children, the "war babies" and "the boomers" were quietly receiving a message of rebellion. This message of rebellion was so clearly before the public, but almost everyone missed it. It was dramatized in the James Dean movie, "Rebel Without A Cause." The message to that generation, and the continuing drum beat of today is, "Question every rule that has to do with established family values -- accept nothing that restrains your base carnality -- everyone's emotional, physical and glandular desires are valid and must be obeyed."

"It's okay to be anyone you want to be just as long as it's not your "old man" or "old lady". "Rebel against anything that may even resemble their values and traditions." This is the teaching of the socialist in an attempt to take away all old moral anchors. This allows the ruling elite to impose new moral anchors, at will, as they are needed to control the masses. The other name for it is "PATRICIDE." This is the tearing down of the responsible male leader role model that is so desperately needed in our nation today.

When the "Patriarchal System" is properly employed, men are accountable, society prospers, women are treated with respect and dignity and children have manners and direction in their lives. This has been many years in the destruction, in our nation. For the first time in the history of mankind, an entire generation was stolen from their "roots."

No one noticed the economic sub-culture growing up aimed right at this James Dean generation. Today this is the very center of where our economy is situated. For the first time, music was produced aimed right at this particular generation - an explosion in the garment industry aimed at this generation -- Movies, food and even literature was completely changed to reach one generation.

"Don't worry about a cause, just rebel!" "Life is all about you!" We lost our identity. The children are still the target. Socialist are stealing more of each generation until they will all become government slaves. Some "boomers" did not get on the train, some got off before it got too far from the station, but by and large, a generation was stolen.

After the acid trips, group sex and many other forms of self-degradation, many tried to return only to find they did not have a clue as to who they were. They had no identity, so they had to make up one. It came out of all their misunderstanding, rebelling, greedy, me first, if it feels good do it, narcotic fogged experiences. That is what they passed on to their children. Is it any wonder that this thirty-something generation we produced can't deal with disciplining their children? They don't know who their fathers really were -- they have no clue who they are and their children are a complete mystery to them.

This generation is floundering in an effort to develop something of substance to pass on to the middle and high school generation of today. The socialist one-world government folks are fighting to keep the burglary in progress. This last generation now in high school is trying to find themselves while under the onslaught of television's latest version of perversion, music's current demonstration of degradation and greed driven government and corporate officials.

To top that off, they are being educated by a confederation that teaches them that GOD, if there is one, and Santa Clause are the same and their real identity comes from a monkey not their parents. Do you really wonder why we are in the shape we are in? It is only by GOD'S grace that we are not cannibals. If you don't believe what I am telling you, you don't know enough about the plans of the United Nations and their socialistic thieves at work among us right now.

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