Itís Still All About Jesus

I do not believe that the statement "It's all about Jesus" can be said and emphasized too many times. Everyone in the United States has had many discussions since the 911 tragedy! How many of those conversations brought up the name of Jesus? He is the only solution to the problem of terrorism, war, politics, family life etc.

Unless Jesus, God the Son, is number one in our lives, in the United States, and in the world, all that we try to do will be fruitless. Just being a nice person does not give us eternal life in heaven that God the Father desires for us. Without Jesus we are like fish out of water.

I believe that President Bush is handling the war and the terrorists in the proper manner. And, Mr. Bush is probably not the person, that the Lord has in mind, to tell the Muslim world about the salvation that can come to all Muslims when they accept Jesus as God, Creator and Savior.

However, there is someone who is a "high profile" Christian who could and should be sharing Jesus with the Muslim world. I don't know who that person is but they will know when they ask God, The Holy Spirit, to prepare the way for them. We Christians, of course, should follow the directions of the "Great Commission" and share Jesus and the Gospel with any and all Muslims. Muslims may be friends, neighbors, work associates even a family member, through marriage.

There is too much talk today that says all religions lead to God. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jesus did not come to earth and die for those who call themselves Christians alone: He died for the sins of all people. They are Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Mormon, Jehovah Witness' as well as Christians and all of the people in the world, yes even those who are atheist or have no religion at all.

Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world is a huge undertaking. The job is so large, some would say that it is impossible. Well, that is just the way the Lord wants it.

If we believe that we can evangelize the whole world on our own merits, we may then say that we don't need Jesus. In reality, it's just the opposite, Jesus does NOT NEED us to help Him. However, He wants us to have an intimate relationship with Him. See the article titled "An Intimate Relationship with Jesus---Salvation". How can all the people in the world be assured of eternal life in heaven? Remember, Jesus is God, He is our Creator and our Savior. He will forgive our sins if we humbly ask Him. So, how are we to tell the whole world about Jesus the Christ? One person at a time.

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